Coaching Services



 We Help:


+ Dealerships with everything from prospecting to networking, relationship building to core and advanced consultative selling


+ Sales Managers and Dealer Principals to grow their leadership, communication skills and develop their mindset to enable them to improve sales process, customer experience and motivate and connect with their team;  to untap revenue, growth, organise the team, find and develop the right people and enable them to succeed.



+ Sales Managers become leaders, coaches and ‘role model’ mentors rather than ‘paperwork gurus’, working with them to develop new ways of working and thinking to coach and support their team, bring out the best in them, and to create an environment that strengthens sales process, increases confidence and delivers a better, more authentic buying experience for your customers.


Unleash your Car Sales and Management Potential

While most sales and management coaching follow the same formula, WhiteTEC dares to be different.


As an alternative to traditional sales, team and management coaching and mentoring, WhiteTEC offers a modern alternative using well-formed outcomes, the latest coaching and growth mindset tools and techniques including neurosciences, to bring about personal and professional transformational change and performance improvement.

We believe that people who are passionate, motivated and capable are the key to business success.

WhiteTEC helps dealerships to differentiate themselves in the sale process through bringing value, integrity and professionalism that traditional car selling methods miss.



WhiteTEC is considered by its long term clients, as a ‘force for good’ in Car Sales, Management and people development.


“ need a testimonial”  (Gareth email comment yesterday?)

We have helped hundreds and hundreds of sales executives, sales managers and dealership staff in the UK.  Our services meet the evolving needs of professionals in the Motor Industry and beyond, leaders, managers and those who value effective communications and stronger relationships.


Our coaching is not an instructional tool or ‘bit of training’ – Coaching keeps learning and continuous improvement alive.  Dealerships are turning to coaching more and more to support sustainable people development and organisational change.


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